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Audit -NSF.ANSI.CAN 61.372. – Ninjin, China – 1023 — 07.07.2022-

NSF.ANSI.CAN 61.372. -OK VALVE China

Our factory has been reviewing NSF certification with customers since 2015.

The review was performed by ALS Group USA.Grop.

Since Tom, the reviewer of COVID-19, could not come to China and the OK VALVE factory for on-site audit, we chose the video + text audit method.

We received the notification from ALS Group USA.Grop. On July 29 that the annual audit has been successfully passed.

Audit -NSF.ANSI.CAN 61.372. - Ninjin, China - 1023 -- 07.07.2022-_00

NSF.ANSI.CAN 61.372_00

Post time: Aug-01-2022